Born in 1964 in London, Wayne Tanswell relocated with his family to Long Melford, Suffolk. Departing from school in 1980, he embarked on his career as a trainee sign writer. Over the years, Wayne’s professional journey has traversed various corners of the United Kingdom, extending to Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Wight. Additionally, his expertise has been sought after internationally, leading him to undertake projects in Bahrain, Zambia, as well as European countries like Spain, Holland, and Belgium.

Wayne’s portfolio encompasses the creation of signage for hotels, pubs, and traditional shop fascias. His notable private commissions include contributing to Chris Rea’s video “Go Your Own Way,” projects for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and collaborations with the Museum of Royal Worcester.

In 1995, Wayne secured sponsorship from the esteemed brush manufacturer A.S. Handover to produce the instructional film “Learn Signwriting Volume One,” released on VHS video.

As a skilled lettering artist, Wayne has showcased his work in solo exhibitions held in various locations, including Cambridge, London, and his native Suffolk. His artistic repertoire features original quotations and a fusion of diverse fonts, seamlessly blending traditional sign writing techniques with contemporary flair. Wayne’s exhibitions and artwork have garnered recognition on television and in national newspapers. Notably, he has ventured into the realm of education, recently commencing hand lettering instruction at Central St Martins UAL in London.